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Hair Salon in Soho

Experience the finest hair salon in Soho New York City. Koby invites you to book time with him to create that magical  look for you via Facetime Zoom


It’s fitting for New Yorkers to be blunt. Simply put, hair is cut straight across, or at a very slight angle, and without layers. While it’s usually done on shorter styles, mid-length haircuts with blunt ends are also trendy in NYC. 

Why it’s popular: It’s a low maintenance style that creates an effortlessly-sophisticated look, which is super popular right now, especially for the winter months, says LUCA.

How to style it: It’s all about keeping strands looking healthy, shiny, and frizz-free, which is why jennifer recommends a hair serum and leave-in conditioner like the ones from Shem Naturals.

NY Magazine

NY MAGAZINE Editor's BEST ladies & gentlemen's Haircuts in NYC.

NY Best Hair Salon

Rated NY best hair salon in New York City for balayage highlighting

Allure Magazine

Voted Allure magazine best women's haircut in NYC.

Vogue Italy

Vogue Italy and ELLE Magazine Top 100 hair salon in America

ELLE Magazine

Vogue Italy and ELLE Magazine Top 100 hair salon in America


    Simply the finest Hair and Color Salon experiences in Manhattan New York City and the Poconos by renowned Hairstylist Koby Ben. 

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