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Best Balayage Haircolor Salons Near Me and You

Alibi New York City and Alibi Salon Poconos are known as some of the best balayage haircolor salons near me and you. 

Koby uses the best Balayage techniques to achieve the best long term results for your hair. For the best Balayage haircolor salons near me and you, it really takes an artisan to use the sweeping technique for beautiful results.

Koby ben also teaches the Balayage Techniques at his New York City, Soho Hair Salon Academy.


best balayage haircolor salons near me

Women's hairstyle

From short pixie mid length cut or lob to a long haircut with or without layers; get a classy or trendy look using shears or razor. Cut shaggy or clean cut all your hair and style grows nice for up to 6 months… guaranteed

Men's hairstyle

Koby uses scissors or clippers for hair cutting using various tools to achieve easy to style yet fashionable, forward looks that will grow back nicely up to 3 months… guaranteed

best balayage haircolor salons near me

Bayalage Haircolor

Koby takes time and care to pamper you with his natural approach of coloring that will remind you how your hair looked when you were young. Koby uses painting and blending techniques learned all over the world with a sun-kissed feel of a long vacation in warm weather that will grow and last for up to a year .


Koby has put in great effort to make your whole experience relaxing and calming, koby will guide you threw any challenges you have related to scalp & hair and will advise you with the perfect look to suit your needs

NY Magazine

NY MAGAZINE Editor's BEST ladies & gentlemen's Haircuts in NYC.

NY Best Hair Salon

Rated NY best hair salon in New York City for balayage highlighting

Allure Magazine

Voted Allure magazine best women's haircut in NYC.

Vogue Italy

Vogue Italy and ELLE Magazine Top 100 hair salon in America

ELLE Magazine

Vogue Italy and ELLE Magazine Top 100 hair salon in America


    Simply the finest Hair and Color Salon experiences in Manhattan New York City and the Poconos by renowned Hairstylist Koby Ben. 

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